Praia do Trafal A Tourism Guide For 2023

Praia do Trafal

The Praia do Trafal is a sandy beach that stretches along the southern coast of the Algarve, between Faro and Quarteira. The beach is at least 700 meters long and is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery. The drive to the beach takes you through a picturesque landscape with old waterwheels, aqueducts, and lots of olive trees and cork oaks.

The area around the Praia do Trafal was originally settled by the Romans and Carthaginians, who lived off fishing. The sea level was much lower back then, which means that you can now see the ruins of their settlements underwater.

Highlights of Praia do Trafal

Praia do Trafal is a beautiful, sandy beach that is relatively undiscovered and unspoiled. This is a great beach for those who are looking for some peace and quiet. The sand is warm and the beach sees only a moderate number of visitors. There is plenty of room to park, and the swampy dune landscape behind the beach is undeveloped.

The beach is natural and unspoiled, and free from tourist infrastructure. It is a great spot for swimming naked or going for a walk with your dog. There are further bathing beaches in either direction. To the north-west you will find the quiet Praia do Almargem, and to the south-east you will find Praia de Vale.

Praia do Trafal

Location Praia do Trafal

Caminho da Praia de Loulé Velho 8125, Quarteira

How to get Praia do Trafal

Praia do Trafal is a beach located in Quarteira, Portugal. To get there, you can take the tarmacked road from Quarteira’s eastern exit or from the EN 125 heading towards Fonte Santa. The beach is signposted and there is plenty of informal parking available. The orientation of the beach is south-west.

Loulé Velho GPS: 37° 3’20.76″N 8° 4’39.17″W

Trafal GPS: 37° 3’11.64″N 8° 4’23.11″W

Praia do Trafal Acessibilidade

The Praia do Trafal is a great place to visit for those with accessibility needs. The entrance has an embossed, inclined plane/ramp, and there are also steps/stairs leading up to the main area. There is also a hand rail to help with support. 

The ramp information states that the slope makes the ramp usable for those who are able to use it autonomously. There are also signs posted around the area that are in high contrast and easily legible. The walkway to access the sand is appropriate for PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) and there is also a shaded rest area available.

Amphibian chair:

Praia do Trafal sights

If you take the scenic route to these tranquil beaches, you’ll first pass through a valley with sprawling farmlands. The picturesque scenery is complete with olive trees, cork oak trees and carob trees. You might also see some azure-winged magpies or hoopoes flying around! As you get closer to the coastline, the land will start to become waterlogged. This is due to the Carcavai stream overflowing and creating wetland areas full of reeds, tamarisks and rushes.

If you head east from Trafal, you’ll eventually come across dunes that lead into a wetland area. The beach is sizable and in the distance, you can see the cliffs with their warm colors as well as some pine groves.

The beach to the west (Loulé Velho) is narrower, with the sea reaching the cliffs. The roots of some pine trees are exposed as soil washes away. When the sand here washes away, it uncovers fish-salting tanks from ancient Rome and silt remnants from a past estuary-lagoon system—evidence of a time when sea levels were much different than they are today. There also happen to be submerged ruins of a Carthaginian fishing settlement in this area.

The surrounding region Praia do Trafal

  • Vilamoura ( 5 km)
  • Faro (13 km)
  • Albufeira (16 km)

Beaches nearby Praia do Trafal

Lastly, there are plenty of beaches by Praia do Trafal if you feel like venturing out:

Praia do Trafal things to do

Praia do Trafal is a great place to take in the water and sun, but because it’s cut off from the rest of civilization, there are no organized sports or activities. You’ll have to come up with something to do on your own accord while you’re here, but feel free to use the beach at any time! At any time on the beach is available:

  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing
  • Beach Walk
  • Picnic
  • Hiking

Praia do Trafal Hiking trail

The Praia do Trafal region has some stunning coastline walks – the best ones are between Quarteira and Quinta de Lago.

Praia do Trafal Nightlife

If you’re looking for any type of nightlife, such as restaurants or bars, you will have to drive to a nearby town like Vilamoura or Vale de Lobo.

Praia do Trafal amenities and FEATURES

  • Parking (Car parking nearby Praia do Trafal).  

Parking: You will find a gravel parking lot at the end of the dirt road. It offers space for enough cars and there are even a few trees that provide shade.

Finding parking: Once you arrive at the parking lot, you should have no problem finding a spot. Even in the neighbouring parking lot, you’re likely to find an available space.

  • Pet friendly (Subject to pet policy)

Praia do Trafal Pet Policy

  • Dogs are allowed on the beach. You can walk your dog until 9 am or 7:30 pm as long as they wear a leash and you clean up any messes.
  • However, during the rest of the year they are allowed on a lead.  
  • Additionally, service dogs are allowed on the beach at any time.

Praia do Trafal Fees

  • PARKING PASS Fee for parking in lots

When to visit Praia do Trafal

The hottest months at Praia do Trafal

June, July, August, and September

The best time to visit Praia do Trafal is during the summer months when the weather is warm and there are fewer crowds. Make the most of your visit to Quarteira by coming in the summer! June through September offer perfect weather conditions and clear skies. However, these months are also when Praia do Trafal is most crowded because that’s when everyone else visits too.

Coldest months at Praia do Trafal:

December, January, February, March

Praia do Trafal experiences its coldest weather conditions from January to March and in December. Take this into consideration if you’re looking to visit for the beaches and warmer temperature-you may want to consider another destination during these months.

Rainiest months at Praia do Trafal:

March, October, November, December

If you want to visit Praia do Trafal during the rainiest months of the year, which are March, October, November and December, make sure you pack your raincoat!

Praia do Trafal Water and waves

Praia do Trafal is a perfect place to come if you’re looking for a more relaxed day by the water. The waves are usually gentle and the water is calm, making it ideal for swimming, soaking up some sun, or simply unwinding. It’s also a great beach for fishing!


  • Pets are allowed on the beach (please refer to the pet policy).
  • DO NOT make campfires or barbecues.
  • NO Fireworks

Praia do Trafal for families and young children

Praia do Trafal is an excellent spot for a family getaway. The water has a gradual depth, making it accessible to everyone, and the sand is both clean and soft. There’s plenty of room on the shoreline too so children can play in the waves safely. Lifeguards are not present during peak season, parents should always keep an eye on their little ones as rogue waves can occur without warning and sweep kids out to sea.

Day trips from Praia do Trafal

Not only is Praia do Trafal an interesting place worth visiting, but it is also conveniently located near other places of interest in the Algarve region. This makes it perfect for day trips and excursions.


Aquashow is one of the Algarve’s largest water parks, and it features a hotel, multiple slides and flumes, wave pools, and family-friendly animal shows. It’s located on the outskirts of Quartieira, so you’ll be close to all the action!

Loulé and Faro

The historic town of Loulé is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a change of pace from the more lively atmosphere of Quarteira. It has a distinctly Portuguese feel, with a lively market at its center and plenty of cultural activities available in the nearby city of Faro.

If you’re looking for some sightseeing, Loulé’s walled old town has a cathedral and museums, while the famous Igreja de Carmo and its chapel of bones are located in Faro. There’s also plenty of shopping and a lively local bar and restaurant scene in both towns.

Excursions Praia Praia do Trafal. Coastal Excursions in the Algarve

There are many different tour operators in Vilamoura Marina that offer boat trips along the coast. You can go dolphin watching, cave exploring in Benagil, or on a luxury catamaran tour. There are also deep sea fishing and wildlife watching trip options available to you in Ria Formosa. This is a great way to experience more of what the Algarve has to offer!

Praia do Trafal Hotels and rentals

If you’re considering staying for one or even a few nights, there are plenty of options available near the Praia do Trafal. Chose your preferred accomodation type and your favorite room provider:

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The Pros And Cons of a Holiday at the Praia do Trafal

Praia do Trafal is a great choice if you are looking for a quiet beach with small waves. It is also ideal for families with small children, as the coastline is extensive and the sand is clean and soft. Even in high season, it does not get crowded.

PROS Praia do Trafal

  • Dog friendly
  • Wildlife
  • Perfect for families with young kids
  • Pristine sand and water
  • Near the city

CONS Praia do Trafal

  • Small
  • There are no public WC, showers available
  • The road is unpaved and covered in dust.

CONCLUSION. A holiday to Praia do Trafal

Praia do Trafal is a great choice for a quiet beach holiday with plenty of space to relax. The water is clean and clear, making it perfect for swimming, paddle boarding, and fishing. Families with young children will find the gradual depth of the coastline ideal, while adults can enjoy the peace and quiet. Excursions are available from the nearby city, so there’s plenty to do in the area if you’re looking for something more active. With its convenient location near other towns in the Algarve region, Praia do Trafal makes an excellent base for exploring everything this part of Portugal has to offer!

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