Praia do Ancão A Tourism Guide 2023

Praia do Ancão
Praia do Ancão

Praia do Ancão is a beautiful sandy beach located in the south of the Algarve, around 30 minutes’ drive from the capital city Faro. The beach is bordered by stunning dunes and is home to several sophisticated restaurants, making it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed meal with a view of the sea. 

There are also plenty of activities on offer for those who want to stay active, including water sports and lounging on the exclusive sun loungers. However, Praia do Ancão is not a cheap destination and you should be prepared to spend more than you would at a typical package holiday resort. But it’s definitely worth it for the amazing views and luxurious setting!

Highlights of Praia do Ancão

Praia do Ancão is a beautiful beach located near in Faro, Portugal. The journey to get to the beach can be long, but it is definitely worth it once you arrive. The sand is soft and light, and the water is refreshing and crystal-clear. The wind is usually relatively light in peak season, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Praia do Ancão is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the clear water and soft sand. The beach is also great for swimming, sunbathing, and windsurfing. There are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby, as well as a few exclusive ones on the beach itself.

If you’re looking for some more active fun, there are plenty of water sports available for you to try out. You can also play beach volleyball or just take a walk along the beautiful shoreline. Praia do Ancão is definitely a great choice for a day at the beach!

Location Praia do Ancão

Praia do Ancão, 8135-162

Almancil, Loulé (Faro)


The beach is about 30 minutes’ drive from Faro. To reach the shoreline, you can stroll along wooden boardwalks that have been erected to preserve the vulnerable sand dune habitat. The gentle, fine sand at Praia do Ancão stretches across approximately two kilometres of coastline. In peak season, the water is refreshing and crystal-clear and winds are usually relatively light.

How to get Praia do Ancão

Praia do Ancão is a beautiful sandy beach located in Almancil, Portugal. To get there, take the road towards Garrão / Ancão for about 7 km. Once you reach the tourist development, you will find a dirt road leading to the beach (1.5 km). There is plenty of parking available, however it is not formalized. The beach orientation is south-west.

GPS: 37° 1’59.25″N 8° 2’21.58″W

Accessibility Praia do Ancão

Praia do Ancão is a beautiful beach that is perfect for people of all ages and abilities. The entrance to the beach has a ramp that makes it accessible for people with disabilities. There is also a toilet suitable for people with disabilities, with grab bars on both sides.

The customer service staff at Praia do Ancão are trained to be attentive to the needs of all guests, including those with disabilities. There are also materials available in various languages to help make everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

Amphibian chair:

Praia do Ancão sights

Praia do Ancão is a beautiful beach located on the westernmost point of the Ria Formosa lagoon system, in an area that is now part of a natural park. There are notable wetland areas that fill with water during high tide, covered by typical saltmarsh vegetation.

Behind the beach is a forest of pine and cork trees that crown the low red cliffs, where one can often see rabbits and the unmistakable blue rock thrushes. Beyond the saltmarsh, visitors are greeted by a wide expanse of sand dunes, full of aromatic plants such as thyme-of-the-sand and everlastings-of-the-sand.

On the crest of the sand dunes, in front of the sea, it is obligatory to appreciate the showy narcissus-of-the-sand, the delicate sea kale and the typical carnation-of-the-sand, which dot the dune with white and pink. The existing beach umbrellas, well integrated into the landscape, allow one to snack and simultaneously contemplate the sea.

The surrounding region Praia do Ancão

  • Vilamoura ( 8.2 km)
  • Faro (10 km)
  • Olhão (18 km)

Beaches nearby Praia do Ancão

Additionally, there are a number of beaches near Praia do Ancão that you can visit:

Praia do Ancão things to do

Praia do Ancão offers many exciting activities:

  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing
  • Beach Walking
  • Picnicking
  • Banana boat
  • Stand-up paddling
  • Boat 
  • Canoe 
  • Sport boat 
  • Pedal boat 
  • Couch 
  • Water ski
  • Hiking

Carolas Ocean Watersports offers an extensive array of sports equipment.

Praia do Ancão Hiking trail

Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the many trails in Praia do Ancao. Our favorite Praia do Ancão hiking trail:

Praia Quinta da Lago-Praia do Ancao

  • Distance 4,54 km
  • Technical difficulty Easy
  • Trail type Circular
  • Time one hour 11 minutes

This tour is easy to follow. From the parking lot, go right and follow the path. When you arrive at Praia do Ancoa, take the boardwalk to the beach and turn left onto the beach. Take the next boardwalk back to the parking lot.

Praia do Ancão Nightlife

The Bold Octopus is the perfect place for a night out if you’re looking for amazing seafood and an extensive wine list. They often have live music and dancing, which creates a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Praia do Ancão amenities and FEATURES

You will also find restaurants, toilets, showers and recreational facilities on site, as well as lifeguards during the summer season. 

  • Lifeguards (Lifeguards in Praia do Ancão on duty during the bathing season)
  • Public restrooms( Praia do Ancão WC nearby the restaurants)
  • Showers in Praia do Ancão
  • Parking (Car parking nearby Praia do Ancão). There are many unofficial parking lots that are in disrepair
  • Restaurants Praia do Ancão (F&B places nearby Praia do Ancão). If you’re looking for a nice evening out, 2 Passos is the place for you. They serve amazing seafood dishes with fine wine pairings, and there’s usually live music or dancing if you’re interested
  • Praia do Ancão is Pet friendly (Subject to pet policy)

Praia do Ancão Pet Policy

  • From July to August, dogs are not allowed on the beach. This means that you can walk your pet until 9am or from 7:30pm. It is important to remember to wear a leash and to clean up any messes your pet may make.
  • However, during the rest of the year they are allowed on a lead.  
  • Additionally, service dogs are allowed on the beach at any time.

Praia do Ancão Fees

  • PARKING PASS Fee for parking in lots
  • Beach umbrellas and sun loungers on the order of €15-25 per day

When to visit Praia do Ancão

The hottest months at Praia do Ancão

June, July, August, and September

The best time to go to Praia do Ancão is during the summer when it’s warm. The hottest months at Praia do Ancão are June through September, which unfortunately also means that these months see the most visitors.

Coldest months at Praia do Ancão:

December, January, February, and March

December, January, February, and March are the coldest months in Praia do Ancão where conditions such as rain and lower temperatures are more likely.

Rainiest months at Praia do Ancão:

March, October, November, and December

The rainfall is more frequent during the spring and fall in Praia do Ancão. To be more specific, March, October, November, and December are typically the rainiest months of the year. So if you have your heart set on visiting Praia do Ancão during that time frame just remember to pack an umbrella!

Praia do Ancão Water and waves

If you’re looking to relax and take in some sun, Praia do Ancão is the perfect spot. With usually calm waters, it makes for a great place to swim or go fishing.


  • No pets are allowed on the beach (please refer to the pet policy)
  • DO NOT make campfires or barbecues
  • NO Fireworks
  • In order to contribute to the preservation of the beach, visitors must use the boardwalk when crossing the dune

Praia do Ancão for families and young children

Praia do Ancão is the perfect place to take your family for a vacation. The water has a gentle slope, making it easy to get in and out. The sand is clean and soft, and the shoreline is wide enough that you can feel comfortable letting your children play without having to worry about them too much. There are lifeguards present during the summer season, but even so, it’s always important for parents to keep an eye on their kids when they’re near of water.

Day trips from Praia do Ancão

The beach is conveniently located close to other places of interest in the Algarve, making it ideal for day trips and excursions.


Aquashow, one of the Algarve’s largest water parks located on the outskirts of Quartieira. The Aquashow features hotel, water roller coasters, multiple slides and flumes, wave pools and some family-friendly animal shows that are sure to entertain everyone in your group!

Krazy World Interactive Zoo & Park Entrance

The whole family will enjoy this interactive zoo where they can feed dwarf goats, llamas and deer at the petting farm. They can explore the new dinosaur exhibit, see the biggest snake in Europe in Reptile Pavilion, as well many other exotic animals such as birds in our aviary or wallabies and lemurs.

Loulé and Faro

The historic town of Loulé is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a change of pace from the more lively atmosphere of Quarteira. It has a distinctly Portuguese feel, with a lively market at its center and plenty of cultural activities available in the nearby city of Faro.

If you’re looking for some sightseeing, Loulé’s walled old town has a cathedral and museums, while the famous Igreja de Carmo and its chapel of bones are located in Faro. There’s also plenty of shopping and a lively local bar and restaurant scene in both towns.

Excursions Praia do Ancão

Coastal Excursions in the Algarve

There are many different tour operators in Vilamoura Marina that offer boat trips along the coast. You can go dolphin watching, cave exploring in Benagil, or on a luxury catamaran tour. There are also deep sea fishing and wildlife watching trip options available to you in Ria Formosa. This is a great way to experience more of what the Algarve has to offer!

Loulé: TechSalt’s Rock-Salt Mine Tour

Explore the TechSalt salt mine with a guided tour, learning about the area’s geology, history of the mine, and rock salt mining economy. Descend 230 meters underground to see where ancient rock formations hold evidence of eras dating back over 230 million years.

Praia do Ancão Hotels and rentals

If you’re considering staying for one or even a few nights, there are plenty of options available near the Praia do Ancão. Chose your preferred accomodation type and your favourite room provider:

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The Pros And Cons of a Holiday at the Praia do Ancão

If you want to go to a beach with pristine water and waves that barely crash, Praia do Ancão is the place for you! It’s perfect if you have young children too, as the shore is really wide with sand that’s soft and clean. Just be aware though that during season, this spot can get pretty crowded.

PROS Praia do Ancão

  • Family friendly
  • Dog friendly
  • Wildlife
  • Perfect for families with young kids
  • Pristine sand and water

CONS Praia do Ancão

  • Restaurant prices and other services can be expensive.

CONCLUSION. A holiday to Praia do Ancão

Praia do Ancao is a beautiful beach with soft clean sand and crystal clear water. This beach has won the Blue Flag Award for water quality and is considered one of the best beaches in Portugal. However, despite its wide shoreline, soft sand and gentle waves, Praia do Ancao can be quite crowded during peak season. 

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