My Aquashow Adventure: A Comprehensive Guide

Embarking on an Aquashow journey promises an unforgettable day at the largest water park in the Algarve. The park’s myriad water slides and attractions cater to all, ensuring a day packed with excitement.

For thrill-seekers, the Watercoaster is a must-try, reaching speeds of 70 km/hour before a refreshing splash awaits at the end. With something for everyone, from heart-pounding adventures to laid-back relaxation suitable for all ages, Aquashow is the perfect family destination.

My Aquashow Comprehensive Guide
My Aquashow Comprehensive Guide

Opt for the complete experience by staying at the Aquashow Hotel, granting unlimited access to the family park. Unquestionably, Aquashow proudly claims its title as the most complete park in Portugal. After reading my account, you’ll be eager to inject some adrenaline into your family vacation.

Essential Details

When venturing into the Aquashow family park, here’s what you need to know about its essential facilities:

  • Lockers. Safeguard your valuables in lockers measuring 40 × 30 × 48 cm, available for € 5 for the entire day.
  • Sunbeds. Enjoy sunbeds, a straw umbrella, and a small table for € 15 (for 2 sunbeds).
  • First-aid. A dedicated first-aid service near the wave pool ensures prompt assistance in case of any incidents.
  • Bathrooms. Ample changing rooms, spacious shower facilities, and numerous on-site toilets are available for your comfort.
  • Souvenir shop. Explore the on-site souvenir shop offering a range of items, from mementos to practical essentials like sunscreen.
 Aquashow River Slide
Aquashow River Slide

Upon arrival, the first task is to claim your spot for the day. Free grass areas are designated for towel placement. Keep in mind the no-jewelry rule for water slides, storing your accessories safely in the lockers. Interestingly, bringing a GoPro (or a similar camera) is allowed, adding a personal touch to your aquatic adventures.

How to get there

Navigating the Algarve is a breeze with a car. For those without one, consider renting a car to reach Aquashow conveniently situated in Quarteira near the N396 and Vilamoura.

The exact address, EN 396, Semino, 8125-303 Quarteira, is easily accessible by car with free parking available. Additionally, Aquashow offers transport services from major holiday destinations across the Algarve.

Plan Your Visit: Timings and Seasons

Aquashow welcomes visitors in the high season from May 1st to September 30. Operating nearly every day during this period, the park opens at 10:00 in the morning and closes between 17:00 and 18:30 in the afternoon, depending on the month:

  • May: Closing time at 17:00.
  • June and September: Closing time at 17:30.
  • July: Closing time at 18:00.
  • August: Closing time at 18:30.

Slides and attractions

Embark on a fantastic Aquashow adventure with a sneak peek at the diverse attractions that await:

 Aquashow Slides and attractions
Aquashow Slides and attractions

Wave Pool Experience

Dive into the wave pool for an experience akin to swimming in the sea during turbulent waves.

Watercoaster (Roller Coaster)

Take a thrilling ride on the Watercoaster, a roller coaster that reaches a height of 23.5 meters with a 740-meter ride in and out of water. It stands as one of the largest roller coasters in Portugal, propelling you at a heart-pounding 70 kilometers per hour.

The steep drop from the roller coaster adds an extra element of excitement to the experience!

Twin Space Shuttle Adventure

Embark on the Twin Space Shuttle, a mesmerizing double slide towering at 17 meters and stretching 178 meters. With two giant capsules and captivating special effects, brace yourself for an adrenaline rush from start to finish.

 Aquashow  Free Fall
Aquashow Free Fall

Thrill-Seeker’s Delight: Free Fall

For those craving an adrenaline rush and eager to push their limits, the Free Fall is a must-try experience. Consisting of two slides measuring 129 meters in length and towering at 32 meters, this heart-pounding slide was inaugurated in 2015 by the renowned surfer Garrett McNamara.

Adventure Awaits: River Slide

Embrace adventure and excitement on the thrilling River Slide. This incredible slide invites you to descend on a yellow rubber ring, accommodating up to 4 friends. As the largest water slide in Aquashow, get ready for a path of pure fun!

Mini Train Journey

The little ones adore riding the Mini Train. Hop aboard and let their imagination transport them to magical places.

Aqualandia Oasis

Designed specifically for the little ones, Aqualandia is a vibrant area featuring mini slidesshowers, and fountains. The shallow water ensures a safe and delightful day of play for your children.

Tropical Retreat: Tropical Pool

Escape to the Tropical Pool, a spacious pool with a waterfall. Enjoy the sensation of swimming in a tropical paradise.

Dizzying Heights: Top Swing

Brave souls, buckle up for the Top Swing. Seated in a ring with a 30-person capacity, you’ll be lifted 12 meters high and rotate to an angle of 110 degrees. A favorite for thrill-seekers, get ready to scream your heart out!

Aquatic Wonderland: Aquakids

The Aquakids area is a delightful space for little ones. Here, they can enjoy mini slides and playful areas where water cascades down like a shower.

Courageous Descent: Shark Slide

Challenge your fear threshold with the exhilarating Shark Slide!

Pink Paradise: Pink Slide

Experience a world bathed in pink on the Pink Slide. Drift away on a ride filled with twists and turns!

Speed Challenge: Speed Race

Ready to test your speed and experience an exhilarating race to the pool? The Speed Race is your chance. Grab a mat, lay flat on your stomach, and descend down the 100-meter slide. Compete with up to 5 people for the ultimate thrill.

Aerial Adventure: Air Race

Daredevils, get ready for an adrenaline boost in the Air Race. Take a seat in an open airplane designed for 4 passengers. Brace yourself as the planes spin around a tower and perform exhilarating summersaults.

Tube Extravaganza

If sliding is your passion, explore the variety of tubes available, each distinguished by color: green, blue, and red.

Jacuzzi Oasis

Indulge in a moment of relaxation in the stunning hot jacuzzi surrounded by rocks.

Twists and Turns: White Fall

The White Fall offers a thrilling slide where you descend and ascend again. A favorite for many seeking an adrenaline kick.

Classic Soak: Swimming Pool

No water park is complete without a swimming pool. Get your exercise and enjoy leaps into the classic swimming pool at Aquashow.

Spiraling Adventure: Thunder Cruise

The Thunder Cruise features 6 large yellow and orange slides where you slide down either solo or with a friend on a double ring.

Dark Descent: Wild Snake

Embark on an adventure with the Wild Snake, a slide shaped like a snake standing at 16 meters high. Experience a pitch-black journey in the dark.

Lazy River Retreat

For a relaxed water ride, hop on a rubber ring and float along the Lazy River. Drift along the 250-meter river stream alone or with a friend.

Foam Rush: Foam Tracks

The Foam Tracks feature 5 white slides designed for acceleration. Experience the thrill of sliding down as fast as you can without using rings or mats.

Future Oasis: Tropical Paradise (Indoor water park coming end of 2019)

While Aquashow already offers a plethora of slides for an unforgettable day, the excitement doesn’t end there. By the close of 2019, Aquashow will unveil a brand new indoor water park. Get a sneak peek in the preview video below.

Wildlife Encounters

If you have a fondness for animals, Aquashow has a delightful surprise for you. Immerse yourself in three captivating wildlife shows that offer an opportunity to observe and interact with various animals.

Parrot show

Witness the vibrant and playful parrots in action. The parrot show allows you to get up close with these colorful feathered friends while also providing an educational talk on rainforest conservation.

Majestic Flyers: Birds of Prey Showcase

Be amazed by the agility and speed of birds of prey in this fantastic showcase of aerial prowess.

Reptilian Wonders: Reptile Show

Experience the fascination of a reptile show, where beautiful animals take the stage, and you can interact with lizards and snakes.

Aquashow Park Hotel

One of the distinctive features of Aquashow is the presence of its own hotel: the Aquashow Park Hotel. An added perk for guests is that they enjoy complimentary entrance to Aquashow Park (during park hours).

Guests receive a bracelet, granting them unlimited access to the family park throughout their stay. This 4-star hotel in Quarteira boasts 148 spacious rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a jacuzzi, and a fitness center.

Highly rated on, the hotel provides a comfortable stay with excellent amenities and a satisfying breakfast. If you plan to explore Quarteira/Vilamoura and visit Aquashow Park, this hotel is a stellar choice. Check prices and book your stay now.


When it comes to dining, Aquashow offers a variety of restaurants and snack bars. Kids’ meals, including hamburgers and hotdogs with chips and a drink, are priced at € 5, while adult meals cost approximately € 8.

The menu extends to salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. Additionally, there are designated picnic areas equipped with tables and seats for those who prefer to enjoy their own meals.

For your convenience, here’s the official navigation map of Aquashow.


Planning to visit? Be aware that entrance fees to the park are € 29 for adults and € 21 for children. Pregnant women enjoy a 50% discount on the ticket price, while children under 5 enter for free. To streamline your experience, it’s recommended to purchase your tickets online and skip the queue.

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