Aqualand Algarve: the ultimate guide

Aqualand Algarve stands out as a thrilling water park, captivating visitors for over two decades. It caters to both adventure seekers and families with young ones. Offering the tallest water slide in Portugal, the park boasts an array of slides, ranging from heart-pounding to leisurely.

Open exclusively during the summer, a day at Aqualand promises entertainment for families and friends. Located in Alcantarilha, between Albufeira and Portimão, it’s easily accessible for a day of aquatic fun.

Aqualand – vital details

Upon entering the park, choose a spot to relax, whether it’s the free grassy area or a rented sunbed with an umbrella for €4. Bring a towel to mark your spot and safely store non-valuables. For valuables, opt for the paid lockers.

Aqualand Algarve: the ultimate guide
Aqualand Algarve: the ultimate guide

Aqualand prioritizes safety with numerous lifeguards ensuring rules are followed. It’s part of the broader Aqualand amusement park chain, with parks in Spain and France. Previously known as the Big One, it continues to offer an exciting experience.

Getting there

Optimal transportation in the Algarve is by car. If you lack one, consider renting. Located in Alcantarilha near the N125, Aqualand provides free parking. For those without a car, Aqualand offers transport services from major holiday destinations. Hotels can assist in booking these services for convenience.

Operating hours

Aqualand operates exclusively during the peak season, running from June 10 to September 13. Daily hours are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (5:00 PM in June). Arriving early ensures an optimal experience, avoiding queues for attractions that tend to build up later in the day.

Slides and rides

Within the park, a variety of slides and attractions await. Aqualand categorizes them into adrenaline fun, family fun, kidzworld, and chill out & play.

Aqualand Algarve
Aqualand Algarve

Let’s delve into each category.

Family fun

Experience the thrill of the Flying Carpet, a slide with a mat. The Surf Beach pool features an awesome wave machine, simulating sea waves for a unique swimming experience. Additionally, there’s a semi-olympic swimming pool for traditional swimming, providing a space for both parents and adventurous teenagers.

Adrenaline fun

The main attraction, the Kamikaze, stands at a towering 36 meters, making it the tallest water slide in Portugal. Plummeting down in 4 seconds, it’s a must-try for daredevils. To build up to it, experience the Banzai Boggan slide, a thrilling ride on a fiberglass bodyboard, providing an almost vertical drop. The Crazy Race lets you slide with 3 people simultaneously, while the Racing Rapids offers an exhilarating rafting experience through a series of pools.

Experience the Crazy Leap, a brief yet thrilling water slide that concludes with a refreshing plunge into a pool.

Aqualand Algarve Hydra
Aqualand Algarve Hydra

The Hydra slides offer a vibrant spectacle, consisting of colorful tubes. Seated on a rubber ring, you descend in a corkscrew motion. This relatively new attraction, introduced in 2013, adds a dynamic twist to your Aqualand adventure.

Chill Out & Play

After the adrenaline rush, unwind in a different way. Instead of opting for a sunbed, try the lazy Congo River. Stretching 270 meters, you can leisurely float on an inflatable rubber ring, creating a fun and relaxing experience to share with friends.


Designed for the little ones, the Children’s Paradise features two pools with small slides. Kids can enjoy castle play, fountains, and interact with various animal figures in a safe and entertaining environment.

The Rainbow Park is a colorful attraction with mini slides and shower buckets tipping water. The shallow water ensures safety for little ones, providing a delightful experience.

Dining Options

Aqualand offers a restaurant serving standard snacks, burgers, fries, and ice cream. While the food may not be gourmet, it meets basic needs. Keep in mind that prices are relatively high. If you prefer to save money, feel free to bring your own food and drinks to the park.

Location Map

Refer to the official map below for a comprehensive layout of Aqualand Algarve.

Admission Costs

Access to Aqualand water park is priced at € 29 for adults and € 21 for children. Children aged 4 and below enjoy free entry. To maximize savings, consider purchasing tickets through theofficial Aqualand website, offering a € 5 discount per ticket. Opting for online ticket purchases is a simple and effective way to cut costs.

For added convenience, you can choose to pay an additional € 10 for a fast pass. This feature eliminates the need to wait in lines for many attractions, saving valuable time. While standard wait times range from 5-10 minutes, the actual duration depends on the park’s daily attendance. While enjoying the park in the regular manner is perfectly fine, a fast pass ensures you make the most of your visit.

Aqualand extends cost-effective options, such as the family pack (for 2 adults and 2 kids, reducing the price to € 19 each) and the friends pack (for 4 adults, reducing the price to € 23 each). Exploring these packages can lead to significant savings.

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