Travelling around the Algarve without a car

Embracing the allure of the Algarve without relying on a car is entirely feasible and adds a touch of excitement to your southern Portugal escapade.

While the region boasts a fantastic network of roads and convenient car hire services at Faro Airport, alternative modes of travel can elevate your experience. In this guide, we’ll unveil strategies for navigating the Algarve without a car.

Navigating the Waters

Should you opt out of car rental, an aquatic adventure awaits in the Algarve. Explore the coastline via luxurious yacht harbors in prominent destinations like Vilamoura, Portimão, and Lagos.

Algarve without a car
Algarve without a car

These hubs offer a plethora of boat tours, providing a unique perspective of the Algarve from the tranquil waters.

Paddle-Powered Exploration

For a distinct experience, consider engaging in kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. While covering extensive distances may require some fitness, enthusiasts can revel in exceptional coastal views, blending the beauty of the beach landscape with an invigorating workout.

Public Transit Convenience

If the convenience of road transport without the hassle of driving appeals to you, the Algarve’s public transport system has you covered.

Algarve Public Transit
Algarve Public Transit

The Algarve’s rail network seamlessly connects Lagos in the west to Vila Real de Santo António in the east. Key stations include Portimão, Albufeira, Faro, Olhão, and Tavira. While some stations are situated out of town, buses and taxis offer convenient local connections.

The extensive bus network links major tourist resorts with smaller coastal towns and larger inland cities. Even tiny villages around the region are accessible by bus, ensuring a comprehensive and convenient way to explore the Algarve without a car.

Pedaling Through Paradise

Discovering the Algarve on two wheels is an absolute delight, and you don’t necessarily need specialized gear – comfort is key for longer rides. The region offers a diverse range of cycling options, from coastal routes to tranquil countryside roads and off-the-beaten tracks.

Algarve bus network
Algarve bus network

Whether you bring your own bicycle or opt to rent one, Faro Airport provides three assembly points, making it convenient for cyclists. Companies like MTB Algarve even offer guided tours that combine cycling with another popular Algarve activity: wine tasting. They also cater to the rising demand for scooters and offer e-bikes for tackling more challenging slopes.

Abilio Bike is another option for exploring the Algarve by bike. Their tours venture into the hills, weaving through orange groves and classic Mediterranean landscapes to reach the village of Moncarapacho.

Algarve cycling
Algarve cycling

Here, you can embark on an olive oil tour, immersing yourself in traditional olive tree culture and the olive oil production process, culminating in a tasting of award-winning olive oils. Another tour explores local markets near Tavira, offering the chance to discover and purchase fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish.

Hiking Haven

Trekking across the entire Algarve on foot might be a bit ambitious unless you have boundless energy. However, there are numerous walks and hikes suitable for all ages, physical abilities, and preferences.

According to the Algarve Tourism Board, hiking is a favorite activity, attracting thousands of tourists annually. Many walking tours take you through the hills of the Algarve, offering insights into local traditions and customs.

Whether you opt for public transport, cycling, walking, or boating, exploring the Algarve without a car unfolds as a captivating adventure. The variety of travel options ensures you’ll uncover more of the region than you would with a traditional drive.

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