Praia da Luz to Lagos – a beautiful coastal walk

Embarking on the Praia da Luz to Lagos hike is a delightful 10-kilometer journey, unveiling breathtaking landscapes and a rich variety of surroundings. This scenic route guides you past prominent landmarks like Ponta da Piedade and some of the most captivating beaches in Lagos. For nature enthusiasts and hiking aficionados, traversing this trail is an absolute must, offering an unforgettable experience. Delve into this post for comprehensive details on the Praia da Luz to Lagos walk.

How difficult is the Praia da Luz to Lagos walk?

This moderate trek demands no specialized preparation or prior hiking experience. The most demanding section is a steep 900-meter climb from Praia da Luz to the cliff’s summit. Noteworthy is the flexibility to conclude the walk at any point, making it accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts.

Praia da Luz to Lagos route overview
Praia da Luz to Lagos route overview

Families with children can partake, though the ascent from Praia da Luz might pose a challenge for younger ones. For parents with toddlers, a hiking carrier proves invaluable, having been our trusted companion on hikes with our 1-year-old daughter. If a stroller-friendly path is sought, consider exploring the boardwalks at Ponta da Piedade or the Alvor boardwalks.

When is the best time for walking?

During the summer months, from June to September, the early morning presents the optimal time for the Praia da Luz to Lagos walk. By 9 am in July and August, the temperature rises significantly. Beyond the summer season, the trail welcomes explorers at any time of the day, even in the evening, though the cooling effect is more pronounced on hot summer days.

Praia da Luz to Lagos
Praia da Luz to Lagos

Capture the picturesque views around Ponta da Piedade in the evening, just before sunset, when the lighting is perfect for photography. Praia da Luz radiates its beauty in the morning light.

If you’re in search of another coastal route with awe-inspiring views, consider the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail.

Praia da Luz to Lagos route overview

  • Total distance – 10.5 km
  • Duration – 2.5-3 hours
  • Total ascent – 251 m
  • Total descent – 254 m
  • Difficulty – easy/moderate
  • Starting point – Praia da Luz/Lagos Old Town
  • Finishing point – Lagos Old Town/Praia da Luz
  • Walking route – Praia da Luz – Porto de Mos Beach – Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse – Camilo Beach – Dona Ana Beach – Batata Beach – Lagos Old Town

Measure of the Stroll: How Long is the Walk from Praia da Luz to Lagos?

The complete journey from Praia da Luz to Lagos train station spans 11 km/6.8 mi.

Praia da Luz to Lagos: Porto de Mos
Praia da Luz to Lagos: Porto de Mos

As previously mentioned, you’re not obligated to cover the entire distance; feel free to conclude the route at one of the beaches, Ponta de Piedade, the Old Town of Lagos, or conveniently at your accommodation.

Commencing the Trek: Where Does the Praia da Luz to Lagos Walk Start?

The Praia da Luz to Lagos trail marks the final leg of the Fishermen’s Trail, a multi-day hiking route originating in Porto Covo on the West Coast. This trail, forming part of the Rota Vicentina network, extends for hundreds of kilometers.

Praia da Luz to Lagos: Porto Covo
Praia da Luz to Lagos: Porto Covo

Opting to start from the beach in Luz is the most practical choice, as the trail follows Avenida dos Pescadores. Look for a substantial information board about the trail next to Paraiso Restaurant.

If you’re up for an extended adventure, consider combining this route with the Salema to Praia da Luz walk, covering a 12-kilometer stretch along the coast. In such a case, your total distance would be 22 km, achievable in one or two days. For those with extra time, kickstart your journey further along the coast with the Sagres to Salema walk.

Concluding the Journey: Where does the Hike Finish?

The official endpoint of the Praia da Luz to Lagos hike and the Fishermen’s Trail is Lagos train station. However, you have the flexibility to conclude your walk anywhere in Lagos, eliminating the need to traverse the entire town unless catching a train. Personally, I completed my walk in the charming Old Town of Lagos.

Distances from Praia da Luz

  • Praia da Luz – Porto de Mos Beach (Lagos) – 4 km/2.4 mi
  • Praia da Luz – boardwalks at Ponta da Piedade – 5.5 km/3.4 mi
  • Praia da Luz – Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse – 7 km/4.3 mi
  • Praia da Luz – Praia do Camilo – 8 km/5 mi
  • Praia da Luz – Praia Dona Ana – 9 km/5.5 mi
  • Praia da Luz – Lagos Old Town – 10.5 km/6.5 mi

Navigating the Trail: Is the Route Well-Marked?

Absolutely, the trail is clearly marked with green and blue stripes, appearing every 40-50 meters on rocks, wooden poles, and trees. These markers guide you in both directions, ensuring a well-defined path from Praia da Luz to Lagos train station.

Choose Your Direction: Can the Trail be Walked in Either Direction?

Certainly, you have the freedom to walk from Praia da Luz to Lagos or vice versa. If starting in Lagos and opting for a shorter walk, consider commencing at Ponta da Piedade or Porto de Mos Beach. Starting in Praia da Luz allows you to decide your endpoint, with Porto de Mos Beach at 4 km offering a convenient stop.

Walking in the morning from Praia da Luz to Lagos means facing the sun, while the reverse direction (Lagos to Praia da Luz) positions the sun at your back.

Exploring the Path: Praia da Luz to Lagos Route Description

Part 1. Praia da Luz to Porto de Mos Beach, 4 km/2.4 mi

The initial segment spans 4 kilometers with a challenging 900-meter ascent from Praia da Luz to the Rocha Negra lookout point atop the cliffs. Afterward, a scenic stroll along the cliffs unfolds, offering breathtaking views. Pause at Porto de Mos to relax, dine, swim, and, if needed, catch a bus or Uber back to your accommodation.

Part 2. Porto de Mos Beach to Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse, 3 km/1.8 mi

The initial 1.5 km traverses a tranquil Lagos neighborhood adorned with beautiful villas. Upon reaching the Ponta da Piedade boardwalks, approximately 1.5 km, revel in several viewpoints showcasing breathtaking coastal vistas. The most noteworthy is the viewpoint facing Porto de Mos Beach. Proceed to the lighthouse, covering an additional 1-1.5 km, experiencing increased tourist activity near the lighthouse during peak seasons.

Part 3. Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse to Lagos Old Town, 3.5 km/2.1 mi

Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse – Praia do Camilo – Praia Dona Ana – Praia dos EstudantesPraia da Batata – Lagos Old Town

This leg features some of Lagos’ most picturesque beaches. A must-see is the Ponta da Piedade viewpoint on the right side, revealing a long staircase leading to a small rocky pier historically used by local fishermen. From Dona Ana Beach, the route traces the cliffs briefly, offering optimal views, before returning to the town via Avenida dos Descobrmentos past Estudantes Beach and Praia da Batata.

Highlight Reel: What are the Highlights of the Trail?

Embarking on the Praia da Luz to Lagos walk exposes you to some of the region’s key attractions.

  • Praia da Luz
  • Rocha Negra, a cliff with a lookout point (the top of the cliffs after the long ascent from Praia da Luz).
  • Porto de Mos Beach, a long and wide sandy beach surrounded by the cliffs. Porto de Mos is a popular spot for surfing in Lagos.
  • Praia do Canavial, a small beach next to Porto de Mos. The best views of both beaches are from Mirador Praia da Canavial at Ponta da Piedade.
  • Ponta da Piedade, a spectacular cape with breathtaking views.
  • Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse. The best views of the lighthouse you get from a boat or a kayak tour around Ponta da Piedade.
  • Mirador Ponta da Piedade, a lookout point with a view over the cliffs and a long rocky stairs leading down to the sea.
  • Camilo Beach, a secluded beach with a long wooden staircase
  • Dona Ana Beach, a picturesque beach surrounded by limestone cliffs and pinnacles

Accessing Paradise: How to get to Praia da Luz?

Traveling from Lagos to Praia da Luz is convenient. Public bus #4 departs from the bus station in Lagos, reaching Igreja Sra. da Luz (a church near Luz beach) in around 30 minutes. Buses operate every 30 minutes, and the fare of 1.5 Euros is paid on the bus in cash or by card.

An alternative is Uber, a reliable option for navigating Lagos and the Algarve. An Uber App on your phone is essential. The ride between Lagos and Praia da Luz typically costs between 5 and 7 Euros, taking approximately 15 minutes.

Where to Unwind: Where to stay in Lagos?

Lagos offers numerous hostels, hotels, guesthouses, and rental apartments. Finding accommodation is relatively easy outside the peak season. However, during June to September, it’s advisable to book in advance to secure your stay.

Charting Your Course: Praia da Luz to Lagos Route Map

Essentials for the Expedition: What to pack for the hike?

For this day-long journey, pack essentials and ample water, with several restaurants along the route for food or drinks. My suggested packing list includes:

  • 10L backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel (if you plan to stop at the beach and swim)
  • Camera for taking photos/videos.

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